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Tham gia : 2014-07-18
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Mu keep poin x5000 moi open ne ar choi hay lam http://www.staynightmu.com/

Custom Wings: 12 Wings (Level 4) | 2 Wings (eX802)
Custom Offtrades : Zen, Wcoin, Soul, Bless, Chaos, Creation, Life
Custom Jewels: Jewel of Luck, Skill, Exellent, Nature, Curse
Custom Reconnect: If you lose connection you will be reconnected again
Custom HP Bars: Player HP Bar, Monster HP Bar
Custom Bonus: 1 Hour = 100 Goblin Points

Exp: 5000x
Drop: 50x
Master Level: 100
Master Exp: 40x
Soul + Luck: 90% Succes Rate
Soul without Luck: 70% Succes Rate
Life: 70% (+16 Option Max)
Life without Luck: 60% (+16 Option Max)
Socket + Excelent: Enabled
JOH + Ancient: Enabled
Execellent + Ancient: Enabled
Cash Shop: Enabled
Spots: 5 Mobs, 6 Mobs
PVP: Default Mu Online Style
PVE:Default Mu Online Style
Character Creation Level: MG: 200, DL: 250, SUM: 300, RF: 400

Max Reset: 100
Max Character Level: 400
Reset Level: 400; 5m zen; Keep Stats
Max Grand Reset: 1000
Grand Reset: 100 Resets; 1b zen
Grand Reset Reward: 7000 Credits

Chat: Separated Chat
Glow: Tron Glow! Press: F8 (On/Off)
Clock: Ingame Clock (24 Hours Time format)
Launcher: Save Account ID, Windows Mode, Music and Sound, Color Depth, Screen Resolution

Move: /move
Request: /re on-off
Auto Party: /autoparty
PKclear: /pkclear - 100k zen
Post: /post - Level 30; 50k zen
AddPoints: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd
Offtrade: /offtrade en, wcoin, soul, bless, chaos, life, creation>
Party: /partyleader <name>

SpeedBug Fixed
All Agility Bug Fixed

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